Monday, April 22, 2013

Around MamaYala's studio lately...

The last few months have been very productive with the final
details of MamaYala's first cultural series. The printing process
is complete, the packaging designed and handcrafted, the website
updated, and MamaYala's Shop at opened.

The printing process was longer than what I had anticipated,
and even longer due to some set backs with the quality. I was not
willing to compromise, so I worked closely with the company and
they honored their commitment to quality. I am very happy with the
outcome and excited with the anticipated arrival on May 6th. The
cards will be mailed immediately to the persons who ordered them
through the Kickstarter campaign.

MamaYala's Shop on is ready for everyone to order our
cultural educational products. Available for purchase are the flash
cards, memory cards, postcards, posters and stickers from the first
series (Latin America & Spain).

There are several items that can be customized with an illustration,
a letter, or color. Please visit the shop for more details. If you have
an idea for a custom item, please contact me and I will be happy
to develop a unique piece for you. The options are endless. Lets
be creative together!

I am grateful to everyone who in some way or another has
supported MamaYala,™ and I thank you for your patience
and encouragement.

I look forward to bringing you other series for celebrating the
cultures of the world.

Thank you for stopping by!


Here are some samples of what you will find at MamaYala's Shop.
Illustrations poster
Illustrations and Map poster