Sunday, July 22, 2012

A very special day!

Hello World!

Welcome to MamaYala,™ a blog about all things cultural! 

This is a very special day for me for many reasons. I am blessed
to have wonderful people in my life. I have two healthy, beautiful,
talented, intelligent and loving daughters, and a loving and supportive 
husband.  It is also our wedding anniversary and we wanted to 
commemorate this day by introducing you to a project close
to our hearts. 

The project is called MamaYala™World Cultures.  MamaYala™ means
motherland. The word Yala means land. It is written in the indigenous
language, Dulegaya, of the Kuna people of Panamá and Colombia.

We have founded a design studio, MamaYala,™ to highlight the beauty
and cultural diversity inherent in the artifacts and traditions of the world.
It is our goal to promote a sense of community, pride and respect amongst
one another. Our beautiful, colorful, modern and simple educational
graphics will take you in a journey around the world.

Come travel with us as we embark in this wonderful new adventure!

Enjoy the journey!